Manchester United will kick off the Premier League 2021-22 season against Leeds United at Old Trafford on August 14.

Manchester City also has been scheduled to play Arsenal, Leicester, Chelsea and Liverpool in its first seven games of the season.

The 2021-22 Premier League will be the 30th season of the Premier League, the top English professional league for association football clubs. Manchester City is the defending champions, having won their fifth Premier League title the previous season. The 2021/22 Season in scheduled to be held from 14 August, 2021 and conclude on 22 May , 2022. A total number of 380 matches will be played in this tournament each of the 20 teams playing twice against each other.


Star Sports will broadcast live coverage of Premier League 2021-22 in India and its subcontinent (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal) countries, All thirty-four matches also streamed live on the Disney + Hotstar digital platform (Website, App). The Premier League has announced that an extra 20 matches will be broadcast live on television this season after releasing the fixture list on Thursday morning.

Sky Sports has acquired exclusive broadcasting rights for the Premier League in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland for the 2021-22 season. Sky Sports will show all games of the Premier League 2021-22 live in the UK and Ireland, all these matches also stream live on Sky Go and Now TV digital platform (Website, App) with a premium subscription.

English Premier League 2021-22 games will be aired across NBC and NBCSN this season, with games also streamed live online via Peacock which replaces NBC Sports Gold. The new streaming service will give you access to all of NBC’s properties, show, and live events with the Premier League schedule one of the key parts of the new streaming platform. Peacock is available three ways: Peacock offers an ad-supported free tier and an ad-supported premium tier for $4.99/month, serving no more than five minutes of advertising per hour. An ad-free version of the premium tier is also available for $9.99/month.Premium has more than 20,000 hours of content; free has about 13,000 hours. All versions of Peacock will stream in 4K/HDR. NBC Sports and Peacock will present more than 175 exclusive Premier League matches on Peacock Premium in the 2021-22 season. In total, Peacock Premium will present more than 1,500 hours of Premier League live match and shoulder programming – the most robust offering ever available in the U.S. Included are full-event replays for all 380 matches on-demand (after 9 p.m. ET).


Here’s the entire 380-match schedule for the EPL season, courtesy of

Saturday 14 August

  • Brentford vs. Arsenal
  • Burnley vs. Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace
  • Everton vs. Southampton
  • Leicester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Manchester United vs. Leeds United
  • Newcastle United vs. West Ham United
  • Norwich City vs. Liverpool
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City
  • Watford vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 21 August

  • Arsenal vs. Chelsea
  • Aston Villa vs. Newcastle
  • Brighton vs. Watford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Brentford
  • Leeds vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Burnley
  • Man City vs. Norwich
  • Southampton vs. Man Utd
  • West Ham vs. Leicester
  • Wolves vs. Tottenham

Saturday 28 August

  • Aston Villa vs. Brentford
  • Brighton vs. Everton
  • Burnley vs. Leeds
  • Liverpool vs. Chelsea
  • Man City vs. Arsenal
  • Newcastle vs. Southampton
  • Norwich vs. Leicester
  • Tottenham vs. Watford
  • West Ham vs. Crystal Palace
  • Wolves vs. Man Utd

Saturday 11 September

  • Arsenal vs. Norwich
  • Brentford vs. Brighton
  • Chelsea vs. Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham 
  • Everton vs. Burnley
  • Leeds vs. Liverpool
  • Leicester vs. Man City
  • Man Utd vs. Newcastle
  • Southampton vs. West Ham
  • Watford vs. Wolves

Saturday 18 September

  • Aston Villa vs. Everton
  • Brighton vs. Leicester
  • Burnley vs. Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace
  • Man City vs. Southampton
  • Newcastle vs. Leeds
  • Norwich vs. Watford
  • Tottenham vs. Chelsea
  • West Ham vs. Man Utd
  • Wolves vs. Brentford

Who will win the 2021-22 Premier League title?

Saturday 25 September

  • Arsenal vs. Tottenham 
  • Brentford vs. Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs. Man City
  • Crystal Palace vs. Brighton
  • Everton vs. Norwich
  • Leeds vs. West Ham
  • Leicester vs. Burnley
  • Man Utd vs. Aston Villa
  • Southampton vs. Wolves
  • Watford vs. Newcastle

Saturday 2 October

  • Brighton vs. Arsenal
  • Burnley vs. Norwich
  • Chelsea vs. Southampton
  • Crystal Palace vs. Leicester
  • Leeds vs. Watford
  • Liverpool vs. Man City
  • Man Utd vs. Everton
  • Tottenham vs. Aston Villa
  • West Ham vs. Brentford
  • Wolves vs. Newcastle

Saturday 16 October

  • Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace
  • Aston Villa vs. Wolves
  • Brentford vs. Chelsea
  • Everton vs. West Ham
  • Leicester vs. Man Utd
  • Man City vs. Burnley
  • Newcastle vs. Tottenham
  • Norwich vs. Brighton
  • Southampton vs. Leeds
  • Watford vs. Liverpool

Saturday 23 October

  • Arsenal vs. Aston Villa
  • Brentford vs. Leicester
  • Brighton vs. Man City
  • Chelsea vs. Norwich
  • Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle
  • Everton vs. Watford
  • Leeds vs. Wolves
  • Man Utd vs. Liverpool
  • Southampton vs. Burnley
  • West Ham vs. Tottenham 

Saturday 30 October

  • Aston Villa vs. West Ham
  • Burnley vs. Brentford
  • Leicester vs. Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs. Brighton
  • Man City vs. Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs. Chelsea
  • Norwich vs. Leeds
  • Tottenham vs. Man Utd
  • Watford vs. Southampton
  • Wolves vs. Everton

Saturday 6 November

  • Arsenal vs. Watford
  • Brentford vs. Norwich
  • Brighton vs. Newcastle
  • Chelsea vs. Burnley
  • Crystal Palace vs. Wolves
  • Everton vs. Tottenham 
  • Leeds vs. Leicester
  • Man Utd vs. Man City
  • Southampton vs. Aston Villa
  • West Ham vs. Liverpool

Saturday 20 November

  • Aston Villa vs. Brighton
  • Burnley vs. Crystal Palace
  • Leicester vs. Chelsea
  • Liverpool vs. Arsenal
  • Man City vs. Everton
  • Newcastle vs. Brentford
  • Norwich vs. Southampton
  • Tottenham vs. Leeds
  • Watford vs. Man Utd
  • Wolves vs. West Ham

Saturday 27 November

  • Arsenal vs. Newcastle
  • Brentford vs. Everton
  • Brighton vs. Leeds
  • Burnley vs. Tottenham
  • Chelsea vs. Man Utd
  • Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs. Watford
  • Liverpool vs. Southampton
  • Man City vs. West Ham
  • Norwich vs. Wolves

Tuesday 30 November

  • Aston Villa vs. Man City
  • Everton vs. Liverpool
  • Leeds vs. Crystal Palace
  • Watford vs. Chelsea
  • West Ham vs. Brighton
  • Wolves vs. Burnley
  • Man Utd vs. Arsenal

Wednesday 1 December

  • Newcastle vs. Norwich
  • Southampton vs. Leicester
  • Tottenham vs. Brentford

Saturday 4 December

  • Aston Villa vs. Leicester
  • Everton vs. Arsenal
  • Leeds vs. Brentford
  • Man Utd vs. Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Brighton
  • Tottenham vs. Norwich
  • Watford vs. Man City
  • West Ham vs. Chelsea
  • Wolves vs. Liverpool

Saturday 11 December

  • Arsenal vs. Southampton
  • Brentford vs. Watford
  • Brighton vs. Tottenham
  • Burnley vs. West Ham
  • Chelsea vs. Leeds
  • Crystal Palace vs. Everton
  • Leicester vs. Newcastle
  • Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
  • Man City vs. Wolves
  • Norwich vs. Man Utd

Tuesday 14 December

  • Arsenal vs. West Ham
  • Brentford vs. Man Utd
  • Brighton vs. Wolves
  • Burnley vs. Watford
  • Leicester vs. Tottenham
  • Norwich vs. Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs. Southampton

Wednesday 15 December

  • Chelsea vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Newcastle
  • Man City vs. Leeds

Saturday 18 December

  • Aston Villa vs. Burnley
  • Everton vs. Leicester
  • Leeds vs. Arsenal
  • Man Utd vs. Brighton
  • Newcastle vs. Man City
  • Southampton vs. Brentford
  • Tottenham vs. Liverpool
  • Watford vs. Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs. Norwich
  • Wolves vs. Chelsea

Saturday 26 December

  • Aston Villa vs. Chelsea
  • Brighton vs. Brentford
  • Burnley vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Leeds
  • Man City vs. Leicester
  • Newcastle vs. Man Utd
  • Norwich vs. Arsenal
  • Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs. Southampton
  • Wolves vs. Watford

Tuesday 28 December

  • Arsenal vs. Wolves
  • Brentford vs. Man City
  • Chelsea vs. Brighton
  • Crystal Palace vs. Norwich 
  • Everton vs. Newcastle 
  • Leeds vs. Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs. Liverpool
  • Man Utd vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Tottenham
  • Watford vs. West Ham

Saturday 1 January

  • Arsenal vs. Man City
  • Brentford vs. Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs. Liverpool
  • Crystal Palace vs. West Ham
  • Everton vs. Brighton
  • Leeds vs. Burnley
  • Leicester vs. Norwich 
  • Man Utd vs. Wolves
  • Southampton vs. Newcastle
  • Watford vs. Tottenham

Saturday 15 January

  • Aston Villa vs. Man United
  • Brighton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Burnley vs. Leicester
  • Liverpool vs. Brentford
  • Man City vs. Chelsea
  • Newcastle vs. Watford
  • Norwich vs. Everton
  • Tottenham vs. Arsenal
  • West Ham vs. Leeds
  • Wolves vs. Southampton

Saturday 22 January

  • Arsenal vs. Burnley
  • Brentford vs. Wolves
  • Chelsea vs. Tottenham
  • Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool
  • Everton vs. Aston Villa
  • Leeds vs. Newcastle
  • Leicester vs. Brighton
  • Man Utd vs. West Ham
  • Southampton vs. Man City
  • Watford vs. Norwich

Tuesday 8 February

  • Aston Villa vs. Leeds
  • Brighton vs. Chelsea
  • Burnley vs. Man Utd
  • Norwich vs. Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs. Watford
  • Wolves vs. Arsenal

Wednesday 9 February

  • Newcastle vs. Everton
  • Tottenham vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Leicester
  • Man City vs. Brentford

Saturday 12 February

  • Brentford vs. Crystal Palace
  • Burnley vs. Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs. Arsenal
  • Everton vs. Leeds
  • Leicester vs. West Ham
  • Man Utd vs. Southampton
  • Newcastle vs. Aston Villa
  • Norwich vs. Man City
  • Tottenham vs. Wolves
  • Watford vs. Brighton

Saturday 19 February

  • Arsenal vs. Brentford
  • Aston Villa vs. Watford
  • Brighton vs. Burnley
  • Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea
  • Leeds vs. Manchester Utd
  • Liverpool vs. Norwich
  • Man City vs. Tottenham
  • Southampton vs. Everton
  • West Ham vs. Newcastle
  • Wolves vs. Leicester

Saturday 26 February

  • Arsenal vs. Liverpool
  • Brentford vs. Newcastle
  • Brighton vs. Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs. Leicester
  • Crystal Palace vs. Burnley
  • Everton vs. Man City
  • Leeds vs. Tottenham
  • Man Utd vs. Watford
  • Southampton vs. Norwich
  • West Ham vs. Wolves

Saturday 5 March

  • Aston Villa vs. Southampton
  • Burnley vs. Chelsea
  • Leicester vs. Leeds
  • Liverpool vs. West Ham
  • Man City vs. Man Utd
  • Newcastle vs. Brighton
  • Norwich vs. Brentford
  • Tottenham vs. Everton
  • Watford vs. Arsenal
  • Wolves vs. Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 March

  • Arsenal vs. Leicester
  • Brentford vs. Burnley
  • Brighton vs. Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs. Newcastle
  • Crystal Palace vs. Man City
  • Everton vs. Wolves
  • Leeds vs. Norwich
  • Man Utd vs. Tottenham
  • Southampton vs. Watford
  • West Ham vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 19 March

  • Aston Villa vs. Arsenal
  • Burnley vs. Southampton
  • Leicester vs. Brentford
  • Liverpool vs. Man Utd
  • Man City vs. Brighton
  • Newcastle vs. Crystal Palace
  • Norwich vs. Chelsea
  • Tottenham vs. West Ham
  • Watford vs. Everton
  • Wolves vs. Leeds

Saturday 2 April

  • Brighton vs. Norwich
  • Burnley vs. Man City
  • Chelsea vs. Brentford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal
  • Leeds vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Watford
  • Man Utd vs. Leicester
  • Tottenham vs. Newcastle
  • West Ham vs. Everton
  • Wolves vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 9 April

  • Arsenal vs. Brighton
  • Aston Villa vs. Tottenham
  • Brentford vs. West Ham
  • Everton vs. Man Utd
  • Leicester vs. Crystal Palace
  • Man City vs. Liverpool
  • Newcastle vs. Wolves
  • Norwich vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Chelsea
  • Watford vs. Leeds

Saturday 16 April

  • Aston Villa vs. Liverpool
  • Everton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Leeds vs. Chelsea
  • Man Utd vs. Norwich
  • Newcastle vs. Leicester
  • Southampton vs. Arsenal
  • Tottenham vs. Brighton
  • Watford vs. Brentford
  • West Ham vs. Burnley
  • Wolves vs. Man City

Saturday 23 April

  • Arsenal vs. Man Utd
  • Brentford vs. Tottenham
  • Brighton vs. Southampton
  • Burnley vs. Wolves
  • Chelsea vs. West Ham
  • Crystal Palace vs. Leeds
  • Leicester vs. Aston Villa
  • Liverpool vs. Everton
  • Man City vs. Watford
  • Norwich vs. Newcastle

Saturday 30 April

  • Aston Villa vs. Norwich
  • Everton vs. Chelsea
  • Leeds vs. Man City
  • Man Utd vs. Brentford
  • Newcastle vs. Liverpool
  • Southampton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Tottenham vs. Leicester
  • Watford vs. Burnley
  • West Ham vs. Arsenal
  • Wolves vs. Brighton

Saturday 7 May

  • Arsenal vs. Leeds
  • Brentford vs. Southampton
  • Brighton vs. Man Utd
  • Burnley vs. Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs. Wolves
  • Crystal Palace vs. Watford
  • Leicester vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Tottenham
  • Man City vs. Newcastle
  • Norwich vs. West Ham

Sunday 15 May*

  • Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace
  • Everton vs. Brentford
  • Leeds vs. Brighton
  • Man Utd vs. Chelsea
  • Newcastle vs. Arsenal
  • Southampton vs. Liverpool
  • Tottenham vs. Burnley
  • Watford vs. Leicester
  • West Ham vs. Man City
  • Wolves vs. Norwich
  • * to avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May

Sunday 22 May

  • Arsenal vs. Everton
  • Brentford vs. Leeds
  • Brighton vs. West Ham
  • Burnley vs. Newcastle
  • Chelsea vs. Watford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Man Utd
  • Leicester vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Wolves
  • Man City vs. Aston Villa
  • Norwich vs. Tottenham


  • Aston Villa Squad: Jed Steer, Emiliano Martínez, Akos Onodi, Oliwer Zych, Ashley Young, Matthew Cash, Neil Taylor, Ezri Konsa, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett, Frédéric Guilbert, Kortney Hause, Sil Swinkels, Frankie Ealing, Emiliano Buendía, Douglas Luiz, John McGinn, Jack Grealish, Conor Hourihane, Trézéguet, Marvelous Nakamba, Anwar El Ghazi, Morgan Sanson, Jacob Ramsey, Jaden Philogene-Bidace, Benjamin Chrisene, Carney Chukwuemeka, Kaine Kesler, Arjan Raikhy, Brad Young, Lamar Bogarde, Hayden Lindley, Edward Rowe, Taylor Jay-Hart, Wesley, Ollie Watkins, Bertrand Traoré, Mungo Bridge, Keinan Davis, Louie Barry.
  • Arsenal Squad: Bernd Leno, Rúnar Rúnarsson, Arthur Okonkwo, Karl Hein, Omar Rekik, Héctor Bellerín, Kieran Tierney, William Saliba, Gabriel, Bukayo Saka, Rob Holding, Cédric Soares, Nuno Tavares, Calum Chambers, Pablo Marí, Sead Kolasinac, Harrison Clark, Jack Francis, Omari Hutchinson, Thomas Partey, Lucas Torreira, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Mohamed Elneny, Joseph Willock, Emile Smith Rowe, Granit Xhaka, Alexandre Lacazette, Willian, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pépé, Reiss Nelson, Edward Nketiah, Gabriel Martinelli, Folarin Balogun.
  • Brentform Squad: David Raya, Patrik Gunnarsson, Nathan Shepperd, Dominic Thompson, Rico Henry, Charles Goode, Ethan Pinnock, Pontus Jansson, Julian Jeanvier, Mads Bech Sörensen, Mads Roerslev, Lewis Gordon, Christian Norgaard, Mathias Jensen, Josh Da Silva, Bryan Mbeumo, Tarique Fosu-Henry, Shandon Baptiste, Vitaly Janelt, Jan Zamburek, Paris Maghoma, Jaakko Oksanen, Finley Stevens, Maxwell Haygarth, Mads Bidstrup, Sergi Canós, Marcus Forss, Joel Valencia, Ivan Toney, Saman Ghoddos, Halil Dervisoglu, Aaron Pressley, Alex Gilbert.
  • Brighton Squad: Jason Steele, Robert Sánchez, Christian Walton, Thomas McGill, Shane Duffy, Tariq Lamptey, Ben White, Adam Webster, Lewis Dunk, Michal Karbownik, Dan Burn, Joël Veltman, Enock Mwepu, Yves Bissouma, Alexis Mac Allister, Pascal Gross, Adam Lallana, Jakub Moder, Steven Alzate, Solly March, Moises Caicedo, Jayson Molumby, Lars Dendoncker, Reda Khadra, Aaron Connolly, Neal Maupay, Leandro Trossard, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Danny Welbeck, Florin Andone, Percy Tau, Andi Zeqiri.
  • Burnley Squad: Nick Pope, Bailey Peacock-Farrell, Will Norris, Nathan Collins, Matthew Lowton, Charlie Taylor, James Tarkowski, Ben Mee, Erik Pieters, Phil Bardsley, Kevin Long, Richard Nartey, Bobby Thomas, Anthony Driscoll-Glennon, Jack Cork, Johann Gudmundsson, Josh Brownhill, Dwight McNeil, Dale Stephens, Ashley Westwood, Anthony Mancini, Josh Benson, Chris Wood, Ashley Barnes, Jay Rodriguez, Matej Vydra, Max Thompson.
  • Chelsea Squad: Kepa Arrizabalaga, Édouard Mendy, Jamie Cumming, Karlo Ziger, Antonio Rüdiger, Marcos Alonso, Andreas Christensen, Thiago Silva, Kurt Zouma, Ben Chilwell, Davide Zappacosta, Reece James, César Azpilicueta, Emerson, Ethan Ampadu, Valentino Livramento, Jorginho, N’Golo Kanté, Ross Barkley, Christian Pulisic, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Tiemoué Bakayoko, Kenedy, Mateo Kovacic, Mason Mount, Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz, Lewis Baker, Faustino Anjorin, Lewis Bate, Tammy Abraham, Timo Werner, Olivier Giroud, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Michy Batshuayi.
  • Crystal Palace Squad: Remi Matthews, Jack Butland, Vicente Guaita, Joel Ward, Patrick van Aanholt, James Tomkins, Scott Dann, Mamadou Sakho, Nathaniel Clyne, Gary Cahill, Tyrick Mitchell, Jaroslaw Jach, Martin Kelly, Sam Woods, Nathan Ferguson, Reece Hannam, Luka Milivojevic, Michael Olise, Cheikhou Kouyaté, Andros Townsend, Jeff Schlupp, James McArthur, James McCarthy, Eberechi Eze, Nya Kirby, Jesurun Rak-Sakyi, Jairo Riedewald, Jordan Ayew, Wilfried Zaha, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Christian Benteke, Connor Wickham.
  • Everton Squad: Jordan Pickford, João Virgínia, Harry Tyrer, Zan-Luk Leban, Jonjoe Kenny, Mason Holgate, Michael Keane, Lucas Digne, Yerry Mina, Niels Nkounkou, Ben Godfrey, Seamus Coleman, Jarrad Branthwaite, Ryan Astley, Kyle John, Thierry Small, Reece Welch, Allan, Fabian Delph, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Abdoulaye Doucouré, James Rodríguez, André Gomes, Jean-Philippe Gbamin, Tom Davies, Beni Baningime, Nathan Broadhead, Isaac Price, Tyler Onyango, Richarlison, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Cenk Tosun, Alex Iwobi, Bernard, Anthony Gordon, Moise Kean.
  • Leeds United Squad: Pascal Struijk, Leif Davis, Charlie Cresswell, Cody Drameh, Adam Forshaw, Stuart Dallas, Pablo Hernández, Jack Harrison, Kalvin Phillips, Crysencio Summerville, Mateusz Klich, Jamie Shackleton, Jack Jenkins, Jordan Stevens, Ian Poveda-Ocampo, Patrick Bamford, Tyler Roberts, Hélder Costa, Raphinha, Rodrigo, Joe Gelhardt, Sam Greenwood, Niall Huggins.
  • Leicester city Squad: Kasper Schmeichel, Danny Ward, Eldin Jakupovic, Jakub Stolarczyk, James Justin, Wesley Fofana, Caglar Söyüncü, Jonny Evans, Filip Benkovic, Daniel Amartey, Ricardo Pereira, Timothy Castagne, Luke Thomas, Vontae Daley-Campbell, Ben Nelson, Boubakary Soumare, Youri Tielemans, James Maddison, Marc Albrighton, Harvey Barnes, Hamza Choudhury, Nampalys Mendy, Wilfred Ndidi, Dennis Praet, Rachid Ghezzal, Kieran Dewsbury-Hall, Ethan Fitzhugh, Thakgalo Leshabela, Sidnei Tavares, Shane Flynn, Thanawat Suengchitthawon, Tawanda Maswanhise, Patson Daka, Jamie Vardy, Kelechi Iheanacho, Ayoze Perez.
  • Liverpool Squad: Alisson, Adrián, Loris Karius, Harvey Davies, Vitezslav Jaros, Caoimhin Kelleher, Jakub Ojrzynski, Liam Hughes, Virgil van Dijk, Ibrahima Konaté, Joe Gomez, Konstantinos Tsimikas, Andy Robertson, Ben Davies, Joël Matip, Rhys Williams, Nathaniel Phillips, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Neco Williams, Billy Koumetio, Fabinho, Thiago Alcántara, James Milner, Naby Keita, Jordan Henderson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Marko Grujic, Curtis Jones, Xherdan Shaqiri, Sheyi Ojo, Ben Woodburn, Harry Wilson, Jake Cain, Leighton Clarkson, Harvey Elliott, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah, Takumi Minamino, Diogo Jota, Divock Origi.
  • Man City Squad: Zack Steffen, Ederson, Erik Palmer-Brown, Kyle Walker, Rúben Dias, John Stones, Nathan Aké, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Aymeric Laporte, Benjamin Mendy, João Cancelo, Luke Mbete, Ilkay Gündogan, Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho, Phil Foden, Felix Nmecha, Tommy Doyle, Cole Palmer, Claudio Gomes, Pablo Moreno, Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Ferran Torres, Riyad Mahrez, Liam Delap.
  • Manchester United Squad: Tom Heaton, David de Gea, Lee Grant, Dean Henderson, Victor Lindelöf, Eric Bailly, Phil Jones, Harry Maguire, Diogo Dalot, Luke Shaw, Alex Telles, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Brandon Williams, Axel Tuanzebe, William Fish, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard, Andreas Pereira, Fred, Bruno Fernandes, Daniel James, Nemanja Matic, Donny van de Beek, Scott McTominay, Hannibal Mejbri, Ethan Galbraith, Edinson Cavani, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Amad Diallo, Anthony Elanga, Shola Shoretire.
  • Newcastle Squad: Martin Dúbravka, Karl Darlow, Mark Gillespie, Daniel Langley, Freddie Woodman, Ciaran Clark, Paul Dummett, Fabian Schär, Jamaal Lascelles, Jamal Lewis, Emil Krafth, Federico Fernández, Javier Manquillo, Florian Lejeune, Henri Saivet, Matthew Longstaff, Jonjo Shelvey, Matt Ritchie, Isaac Hayden, Jeff Hendrick, Ryan Fraser, Jacob Murphy, Miguel Almirón, Christian Atsu, Sean Longstaff, Elliot Anderson, Andy Carroll, Joelinton, Allan Saint-Maximin, Dwight Gayle, Callum Wilson.
  • Norwich City Squad: Angus Gunn, Tim Krul, Michael McGovern, Aston Oxborough, Jon McCracken, Dimitris Giannoulis, Ben Gibson, Max Aarons, Sam Byram, Grant Hanley, Christoph Zimmerman, Timm Klose, Bali Mumba, Andrew Omobamidele, Billy Gilmour, Pierre Lees-Melou, Milot Rashica, Lukas Rupp, Kieran Dowell, Przemyslaw Placheta, Todd Cantwell, Jacob Lungi Sorensen, Tom Trybull, Daniel Sinani, Kenny McLean, Onel Hernández, Melvin Sitti, Jordan Hugill, Teemu Pukki, Adam Idah, Thomas Dickson-Peters.
  • Southampton Squad: Alex McCarthy, Harry Lewis, Fraser Forster, Romain Perraud, Kyle Walker-Peters, Jannik Vestergaard, Jack Stephens, Yann Valery, Mohammed Salisu, Jan Bednarek, Allan Tchaptchet, Oriol Romeu, James Ward-Prowse, Mohammed Elyounoussi, Nathan Redmond, Moussa Djenepo, Stuart Armstrong, Mario Lemina, William Smallbone, Nathan Tella, Ibrahima Diallo, Will Ferry, Ryan Finnigan, Caleb Watts, Kgagelo Chauke, Shane Long, Danny Ings, Ché Adams, Michael Obafemi, Theo Walcott.
  • Tottenham Squad: Hugo Lloris, Joe Hart, Alfie Whiteman, Matt Doherty, Sergio Reguilón, Toby Alderweireld, Davinson Sánchez, Joe Rodon, Serge Aurier, Japhet Tanganga, Ben Davies, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Harry Winks, Erik Lamela, Eric Dier, Moussa Sissoko, Giovani Lo Celso, Ryan Sessegnon, Dele Alli, Tanguy Ndombele, Oliver Skipp, Son Heung-Min, Harry Kane, Steven Bergwijn, Lucas Moura, Jack Clarke.
  • Watford Squad: Ben Foster, Daniel Bachmann, Pontus Dahlberg, Robert Elliot, Adam Parkes, Danny Rose, Jeremy Ngakia, William Troost-Ekong, Adam Masina, Craig Cathcart, Kiko Femenía, Christian Kabasele, Francisco Sierralta, Marc Navarro, Mason Barrett, Derek Agyakwa, Toby Stevenson, Imran Louza, Tom Cleverley, Ken Sema, Nathaniel Chalobah, Dan Gosling, Will Hughes, Domingos Quina, Tom Dele-Bashiru, Ignacio Pussetto, Maurizio Pochettino, Joseph Hungbo, Kane Crichlow, Daniel Phillips, Emmanuel Dennis, Ashley Fletcher, Joshua King, Philip Zinckernagel, Troy Deeney, João Pedro, Andre Gray, Isaac Success, Ismaïla Sarr, Stipe Perica, Sam Dalby.
  • West Ham Squad: Lukasz Fabianski, David Martin, Nathan Trott, Darren Randolph, Aaron Cresswell, Vladimír Coufal, Frederik Alves, Craig Dawson, Angelo Ogbonna, Issa Diop, Ryan Fredericks, Arthur Masuaku, Ben Johnson, Harrison Ashby, Jamal Baptiste, Felipe Anderson, Manuel Lanzini, Mark Noble, Pablo Fornals, Tomás Soucek, Nathan Holland, Declan Rice, Conor Coventry, Andriy Yarmolenko, Saïd Benrahma, Jarrod Bowen, Michail Antonio, Xande Silva, Ademipo Odubeko, Mbule Longelo Emmanuel.
  • Wolves Squad: José Sá, Matija Sarkic, John Ruddy, Andreas Söndergaard, Yerson Mosquera, Ki-Jana Hoever, Rayan Aït-Nouri, Fernando Marçal, Willy Boly, Conor Coady, Jonny, Nélson Semedo, Lewis Richards, Max Kilman, Nigel Lonwijk, Hugo Bueno, Christian Marques, Rúben Neves, Daniel Podence, Morgan Gibbs-White, Taylor Perry, Romain Saïss, João Moutinho, Leander Dendoncker, Meritan Shabani, Luke Cundle, Owen Otasowie, Rafael Mir Vicente, Francisco Trincão, Pedro Neto, Raúl Jiménez, Fábio Silva, Patrick Cutrone, Leonardo Campana, Adama Traoré, Theo Corbeanu.

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